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Junk Car Phoenix

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Junk Car Phoenix Cash For Cars is a professional scrap car buying service that pays cash for your vehicle and provides free car removal. We pay the top cash for all vehicles in and around this city, including:  Glendale, AZ Mesa, AZ Gilbert, AZ and Chandler, AZ while providing Free Towing of your Vehicle. We give you a great way to sell your car without any hassles or expenses. As you can see, we service all over the place so don’t be shy for fear of being told no. Because we rarely do that!

If you decide to sell your junk vehicle to us, we will send out a tow truck with payment to come and pickup your clunker.

We buy all types of useless vehicles including wrecked, unwanted, junk, Salvaged, Old, Trucks, Vans and provide hassle-free pickup. So there is never any cost to you. No longer do you need to sit and wonder just what the heck to do with that car sitting on your property. Call us! We can usually have a tow truck at your house same day.

We serve all the Phoenix – Glendale – Mesa metro area.

Don’t waste you money on insurance or let your garage and driveway lose wasted space by holding onto that car your not even using. How about you let us buy it from you instead. We are paying cash for your junk vehicle in the Phoenix area! Don’t waste your time trying to sell a vehicle on Craigslist, who wants strangers coming around their house anyway. Plus, a majority of the time people won’t even show up when they say they will, and usually end up just not coming at all. Avoid the hassles, avoid the time wasters, just call us up and we will come same day or next to buy your car.

We buy junk vehicles, and we even buy nicer cars.

Your car will get recycled, repaired, or re-used. We always dispose of all scrap and fluids in environmentally friendly and legal ways. That way we can keep Arizona the same great beautiful state it is.

Give us a call and we can most of times get to you the very same day. Worst case scenario is usually the very next day.  Scrap your car today and get cash now.



We understand the frustration trying to find a scrap car service you can trust.  Heck a lot of the time you don’t get a quote that you are looking and a lot of the times, when you do get what are looking for they can’t guarantee the quote.  We don’t like that business practice as a matter of fact, we don’t practice it and we don’t allow it in the office.  We don’t like dishonesty and we will not put with it in this business.

What we tell our customer over the phone is what they get when our tow truck driver shows up.  We do not mess around and our scrap car buyers are always looking for a way to pay you the most cash for your junk vehicle.  Our setup is very simple, we are probably one of the only buyers in the city who don’t keep you on the phone for so long.  That’s right! In under 30 seconds or less you will be given a quote that you can be happy with.  We do offer the most cash paid in town for any scrap vehicle at junk price.

Here is the way the process works, we will ask you some basic questions about your car and we will answer whatever questions you have about your vehicle.  Once all the questions are answered, we will give you the free quote.  This is a “hassle free” quote.  If you decide you want to go with that quote, we will get you set up in the system with some basic information; your name, a good call back number and the address of where the car is located.  Once we have all the needed information, we will put you in to our system where our dispatch will contact you within the hour to set you up with a pick up time that works for you, built around your schedule.

That is how we do it here, we are a company that tries to make our customer’s happy.  We are a licensed and insured company that will get you paid on the spot, when our driver shows up.

There are companies out there who do not guarantee their quotes.  As a matter of fact, what they do is very dishonest.  They may or may not give you a quote over the phone, but if they do give you a quote, they won’t guarantee it.  They will tell you they can’t give you a specific quote over the phone not until they show up can they really give you the quote.

Give us a try and call us now.

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