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Are you feeling confused over how to sell a car? With all of the available options out there, finding the right buyer can be a hassle, especially if you have a scrap car that no one seems to want. You can say many pleasant things about it, but as long as that vehicle smells bad or looks like it just went through a hurricane, people are going to run away more often than not. If you have one of those run down vehicles let me give you a suggestion: Sell it to me! I am ready to buy it from you now.

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If you are looking to get that junk vehicle off of your property today, give us a call and we will make sure that you are taken care of.

Here is how to do just that. Call us right now and one of our friendly employees will be ready to answer your questions and give you ideas on how to sell a car. If you are interested in what our company does, we will ask you a few questions concerning your vehicle and its condition. We are always buying cars that are broken down, beat up, and hopeless, and that is what we like to buy. Not only are we helping you out by taking an unwanted vehicle off of your hands, but we also help out the environment by recycling your old junky vehicle. It can be a truck or a van, a coupe or a sedan, as long as you have the title in hand and have the legal right to sell it, we can buy it!

If you have a Pinto or a Corvair, I can help you out no problem, but not everyone is up to selling to us because they have a vehicle that is too nice to go to the crusher and be reused for its metal. Here are some others ideas for how to sell a car. First of all, be honest with yourself and your potential buyers. Is it really worth your asking price? A car’s value doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you took your wife to the drive-in on your first date years ago. It may be worth a lot to you, buy the average Joe isn’t really going to care. Check out an online blue book website and see what a fair price is for the true private party value. Once you have found out what is it really worth, advertise it for a couple of hundred dollars over that.

There are two reasons for this, one being that you may be able to gain a little more than you had hoped, and two, if someone shoots you an offer, you haven’t really lost anything. It is a win-win situation for you. Consider using online classified ads to show off what you are selling. The newspaper isn’t free, but by posting an advertisement you will be able to reach those who aren’t computer literate. The wider the audience, the better the chance for you to get it sold. Online auction sites can be risky if you do not have a reserve price and also require a percentage of the sale price, but you will be surprised by just how many people use those these days.

Whatever way you choose to figure out how to sell a car, I hope it goes well for you. We thank you for your time and we hope that you will give us a chance to buy your vehicle!  Call us now for a free quote!