Fast Cash for Cars or Junk Vehicle Removal

In the world of junk vehicle removal, I am surrounded by sad, rusty heaps of metal, so I thought that today I would look at some of the nicer things in life. If you were in my situation, you would most likely do the same thing. So, what happens when a luxury car maker decides to build a boat instead of selling a car? “Pure awesomeness,” is a phrase that comes to mind. This year, Mercedes-Benz released plans for a 14 meter yacht. It has an amazing design and I can only imagine the horsepower it will have as it takes on the high seas. I’m already getting my towel ready and thinking about lounging on a pontoon or floating down the river on a tube. Too bad summer is over!

Mercedes is not the first company to decide to invest in something new, and it also isn’t their first time stepping out of their comfort zone. BMW originally built airplanes before they decided to venture into automobiles. Had they not taken that step, James Bond may have ended up driving around in an old Russian Lada instead, and that just wouldn’t have been cool. How cool can anyone be trying to escape bad guys while sporting 58 maximum horsepower? Saab was also an aerospace manufacturer in its early years. Not every one of our modern auto makers started out thinking they should sell a car. I’m also pretty sure that when these places began building autos, they weren’t imagining them being picked up for car removal. Well, things happen and we all age. Some things just tend to age faster than others, especially your car if you live near the ocean or in areas where salt is used on the roads.

While looking over the inventory we have that is about to be crushed, I find myself considering what it would be like to have a Bugatti on the property. Even if it was in ten pieces, I wouldn’t dare to crush it! At 0 to 60 in less than two and a half seconds, it is a powerful beast and I don’t know if anyone would ever consider having one taken for car removal, but if you hear of one, PLEASE, let me know! The same goes for a SSC, Koenigsegg, and any McLarens you may hear about. Maybe I’m living in a world of fantasy, but should those dreams come true, I will be smiling for a long time.

Feel free to call us and see how fast and easy junk car removal really is. We will give you a free quote over the phone in a matter of minutes so that you can decide if junking your vehicle is the right route for you and your current situation. If you decide to sell to us, we will give you cash when we arrive, so you don’t have to worry about having to run down to the bank and cashing a check. All you need is the car, the address where it is located, and proof that you are the legal owner of the junker.  We are Junk Car Phoenix, call us now for a free quote! 602-488-8053